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Signing the Moderation Summary with a Digital Signature

On completion of an online moderation session, the reviewer/s and teacher/s need to sign the Moderation Summary. A digital signature can be applied to the signature fields and the completed Moderation Tool and Summary can then be forwarded to the participating Learn Local organisation via email or shared using a tool like Drop Box.

This tutorial applies to Acrobat Reader XI.

Digital & Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures differ from electronic signatures. A digital signature is encrypted to ensure that it is not altered and can be verified as belonging to the signer.
An electronic signature is any method which applies a signature to a document electronically and ranges from a typed name to an image of a handwritten signature.

Many organisations will require the use of a digital signature as an electronic signature is not a secure method of signing a document and is not easy to validate.

A digital signature can be placed in the signature fields of the Moderation Summary if the signer has created a digital identity. Digital signatures can also be added by dragging a signature field in any area you wish to place a signature.

xTo create a digital identity:

  1. Open the Edit menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Under Categories, select Signatures
  4. In the section, Identities & Trusted Certificates, click More
  5. Click Add ID
  6. Select A new digital ID I want to create and click Next
  7. Select New PKCS#12 digital ID file and click Next
  8. Enter your identity information and click Next
  9. Enter a file name and password for your digital identity
  10. Click Finish

xTo sign the document:

  1. Open the Text tools
  2. Click Place Signature
  3. Click the signature field you wish to sign
  4. Click Sign
  5. Save the document

  1. Open the document you want to sign
  2. Click the field you wish to sign and repeat steps four and fivex
If you would like to add a logo or image to your signature:
  1. Click Edit and select Preferences
  2. Select Signatures
  3. Under Creation and Appearance and click More
  4. Under Appearances select an ID then click Edit
  5. Under Configure Graphic select Imported Graphic and click File

NB: The image to be inserted into the signature should be saved as a PDF file



There is a wide range of software that you can use to create electronic and digital signatures and you can search online for freeware as well as programs to purchase.

These websites provide lists of available software.

Digital Signature Software
Top Digital Signature Software Products

More Information about digital signatures is available at the following websites:

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