Employability Skills and the Pre-accredited Quality Framework June 6th 2014


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180 degrees of Reflection: Networking Moderation and Gippsland Learn and Connect collaborated to bring a workshop to the South Eastern region using TELC (Technology Enabled Learning Centres) at Chisholm Institute, Dandenong, Federation Training, Morwell and Federation training, Bairnsdale campuses.

We were ably assisted on the day by TELC champions Tony Peck, Malcolm Jolly from Federation Training and Daniel Hodges from Chisholm Institute who made sure the connection between the campuses ran without a hitch throughout the workshop.

The workshop was led by employability skills expert Marie Baird from the CAE. Marie was assisted by Katt Matthews at Dandenong, Josie Rose and Junita Lyon in Morwell and Evelyn Schmidt and Fiona Ross in Bairnsdale.

From Left to right: Josie Rose, Junta Lyon, Marie Baird, Katt Matthews, Evelyn Schmidt and Fiona Ross.

The Workshop

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There were no technological problems throughout the day which meant there were no interruptions to the delivery.

Four people participated in the workshop at the Bairnsdale, 5 in Morwell and a further 10 in Dandenong. Most participants had experienced technology enabled learning previously and were comfortable with this method.

Initially, people found it confronting to see themselves in the monitors. Chatter was kept to a minimum because the microphones are very sensitive and pick up the slightest sound which is transferred to all campuses.

A protocol was established whereby people announced the campus they were attending prior to speaking. This worked well and people were happy to use this protocol and to respond to Marie’s questioning.

Marie planned an engaging workshop with many interactive activities focusing on recognising and building on employability skills with time out for internal discussions at each campus then coming together to share thoughts and feedback together. Resources were provided at each campus to assist with the planning and development of employability skills.

The Great Marshmellow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge Activity proved a real favourite for the day. It involved each campus attempting to create the tallest standing structure possible using 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 metre of string, 1 metre of tape and a marshmallow to crown the structure; quite the challenge - the competitiveness between sites was fierce. By the end of the challenge Dandenong 's Marshmellow Eiffel tower effort did them proud standing intact for the required 2 minutes. A debrief followed which enabled people to share, reflect on and record the employability skills they had used to achieve in completing the challenge. Take a look at some of the excitement in the video below.

Workshop PowerPointClick on the player below to access the PowerPoint that Marie used in the presentation complete with the feedback from the three sites with each activity.

Participants were presented with a Certificate of Participation signed by the site facilitators

Thank You


A big thank you to our colleagues at Chisholm Institute and Federation Training.A true collaboration!

Feedback and Evaluation

Comments from Bairnsdale:

  • It was felt that a facilitator wasn’t necessary
  • Participants indicated they felt disconnected from the other campuses

Tony commented on the standard of Marie’s facilitation; acknowledging the time and thought spent preparing for the event and the skill in the delivery. This reflects well on Learn Local and is, most definitely, a standard to aspire to. This was a very successful day which provided technology enhanced learning over a large geographical area and provided quality personal development to a diverse learner group.

Comments from Morwell:

  • Informative and engaging learning
  • Need to be more familiar with how it works before starting the training and onsite intros before the session will be good.
  • Great information exchange
  • The blended approach and the interactivity worked well.
  • Very good session - a credit to the team!

Comments from Dandenong:

Friday went exceptionally well at Dandenong, hopefully the experience was the same at Morwell and Bairnsdale. Marie was fantastic and a real natural in the environment. The feedback at Dandenong was very positive with most open to using technology in this way in the future. Some comments were:

  • Excellent, interesting and innovative with potential to engage a lot of sessonal teachers in PD.
  • The technology is very advanced - No downtime. Chance to participate in training sessions near home.
  • I think this technology is excellent especially for me. I live in Hampton Park and have to go to Deer Park for executive meetings for Mori Wardens.
  • I need more info to take back for DNH so that we can see if we can get one for our Centre - like costs etc
  • Everything worked well - Task / Activity orientation good.