What are employability skills?

To gain employment you must exhibit a set of skills specific to the the industry of chosen employment . Australian employers have identified eight groups of skills considered to be essential to overall successful workplace performance in all areas of employment. They are:

How to identify your employability skills

Employability skills are not necessarily limited to your working life they can be gained and mastered through many different avenues - in your everyday life tasks, at school, through hobbies and interests, in your local community or on the job. Click on the links of the eight identified groups above for some excellent examples for both youth and Adults as a guide when figuring employability skills into your classes - these could be used as a self-assessment tool or for building building course material to highlight particular employability skills.

Click on the link below to take a skills activity to help you work out your current skills and skills you would like to enhance when determining where to focus your career planning efforts:
Skills Activity

An Introduction to employability skills:

The Introduction to employability skills video above is one of a series you may like to follow on and watch the rest of them here:


Holistic Rubric for Employability Skills:

Unlocking employability skills - words and phrases that provide the key:

Employability skills Resources to follow up on: