Workshop: Employability Skills & the Pre-accredited Quality Framework


Join the Gippsland Learn and Connect and 180 Degrees of Reflection teams in participating in and employability skills workshop see flyer below.

I thought I would, in the light of our discussions around a Learn Local TELC at the revitalising Gippsland conference recently, let your know that what we will also be doing on the day is having a very firsthand look at how the combined power of the three TELCS in Dandenong, Morwell and Bairnsdale will be working together to provide us with quality PD on our doorstep!

This is your opportunity to come and see what the TELCs are, how it works and experience firsthand what it will be like to be a learner in a video enabled classroom.

The teacher, Marie, will be in Dandenong and have her own group of participants. We will be in Morwell and Bairnsdale working with her, interacting with the other two groups while being in an actual classroom together, working on specific and identical tasks to the other groups.

We had a trial run a few days ago connecting up all three sites and the results were amazing. It is going to be a great day! Marie has some new and innovative activities for us to do - all especially designed to keep us engaged as a group across three venues.

To book in visit the link at:

Or, just give me a call on 9652 0710telc.PNG
Hope to "see" you there!:-)


Click on the link below to access full details of this fantastic opportunity to be a part of this exciting technology :
Employability Skills Workshop Flyer