We have gathered here for you a repository of sample learning activities as well as some links to resources that may be of use for you covering a wide range of subject topics.

Please note:

These sample learning activities are suggestions to give you ideas about how you might create engaging activities for your learners. Please remember that if you use them to amend them to match your A-Frames.


Please feel free to use and share these documents and amend to suit your organisation.

These links below contain more great resources and activity ideas that may be of use for you with your learners:
Glen Park Community Centre - A fantastic resource to assist learners to develop pathways into learning, employment or volunteering. This resource has a fantastic downloadable Pathway Planner to work through:

ANHLC - Basic Computer skills incorporating fire safety:

My future - A range of activities here including a skills self assessment, a resume builder and lots of information and resources to help plan career or study pathways: