Moderation involves practitioners presenting, analysing, discussing, and documenting adjustments to the pre-accredited programs in line with the program type and employability skills outcomes.
The moderation process is based on a collaborative, peer appraisal process that promotes a shared understanding of what constitutes quality program design, delivery and outcomes for learners. The process provides evidence of how assessment decisions are made and that they are valid, reliable, flexible and fair in a pre-accredited program context.
Learn Local organisations are able to assure the quality of their programs and products by facilitating moderation practices from the development of new programs to post program reviews.
Moderation Guide
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Moderation Tool
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Moderation Summary
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Moderation Checklist
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Verification Self Assessment and Declaration
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Verification of pre accredited delivery is a key quality assurance process within the Pre accredited Quality Framework. Verification will be conducted by ACFE regional representatives and will be based on an annual self assessment and a sample of evidence from Learn Local Organisations.

The purpose of verifying pre-accredited delivery is to ensure that the ACFE Board purchases pre-accredited programs of a high and comparable quality regardless of where they are delivered. Verification also ensures that Learn Local organisations implement quality continuous improvement processes and that the A frame is implemented consistently.


Audit is a process that ensures that the Verification of moderated programs has conducted in a timely and accurate manner by ACFE. It also samples evidence to ensure that the Verification Self Assessment and Declaration process is being implemented accurately by Learn Local organisations.