Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation Workshop June 20th 2014

The workshop focussed on the review of pre-accredited courses and was open to all those who develop and deliver pre-accredited training using the PQF A Frame documentation.
It was also a good opportunity to brainstorm learning plans, `review A Frames with peers across the region, and also to complete the documentation required by ACFE to demonstrate continuous improvement in a supported environment.
Participants were asked to share any specific area(s) they would like addressed on their registration form.
On the day each organisation received two A Frames with supporting course materials. These were provided in a digital format for ease of editing.
The A Frames focussed on Digital Literacy for Mobile Phones and target CALD and over 65 learners. Course materials included teaching notes, slide shows and learner worksheets.
Participants were encouraged to bring along your A Frames to review

Agenda For the day

  • Demonstration of technology enabled moderation session
  • Moderation Session
  • Question and answer session

An overview of the day

Six coordinators and tutors from the region and three staff from 180 Degrees of Reflection:
Networking Moderation in Gippsland and Gippsland Learn and Connect projects attended this workshop. We received one apology for the day.
We began the day with a demonstration of a technology enabled moderation session. A tutor from one of the participating organisations volunteered to moderate a course online with Katt Matthews and provided course documents prior to the session for pre-reading.
The moderation was conducted in MS Lync. Lync allows desk top sharing and Katt shared the Moderation Tool. Sharing the Moderation Tool provides structure to the process and comments can be documented and verified as in a face-to-face moderation session.
This session demonstrated the ease of an online moderation and conversation was generated around alternative platforms which could be used to conduct these sessions.
Participants brought A Frame courses for moderation to the session. We broke into small groups to complete the moderations and much discussion was generated around the learning plans. Participants commented that the moderation were very beneficial in clarifying the PQF process. Four courses were moderated on the day and arrangements are pending to complete further moderations.
We finished the day with Josie speaking to the group about the possibility of the development of an A Frame library; the pros and cons were debated and ideas recorded for further consideration.
Participants were given course materials for the course: Digital Literacy for Mobile Phones.
This course was developed by AMES for CALD learners.
In addition, two complimentary modules were developed as ‘add-ons’. These modules target over 65s and are focused on Technology.
Course materials include PQF Course Plan Part 1 and 2, teaching notes, slideshows and learner work sheets. Feedback has been requested with the view to modify and
improve the ‘add-on’ course materials.
Feedback from the participants indicated that the session was beneficial and enjoyable!