Fiona and Katt have been busy moderating online and producing the following resources to give you some useful information around how you can moderate effectively in an online environment.
They covered many of the available online meeting applications and have put together a breakdown of each one, what they are capable of and how they can be used to connect with each other and streamline the moderation process.

Some suggestions and tips for a successful online moderation include:

  • Start a Dropbox folder to share moderation documentation between moderator, tutor and organisation coordinator - extremely useful both pre and post moderation.
  • Sharing your documentation before the moderation allows the moderator to view documentation and preliminary paperwork can be filled out. This is an excellent way to make sure the online moderation process is quick and efficient.
  • When working with the PQF forms online, click on sign to save a filled copy of the form or all editing will be lost even when re-opening and adding amendments.
  • Allow approximately 45 minutes for an online moderation; 30 mins for the actual moderation process and 15 mins to complete the paperwork. Although if all paperwork shared with the moderator prior to the moderation then the Moderation process can be much quicker than 30 mins and may only require the clarification of one or two points or in some cases nothing at all.
  • Whilst a moderation may be conducted internally, we urge you to moderate externally.

Online Moderation Tools:

We tested several of the available application with which you can conduct an online moderation. These are our findings below, we based our findings on the following criteria;
  • Ease of use
  • Can you App share or desktop share documentation.
  • Can you send files during the moderation process.
  • Do you need to sign up for an account.
  • Quality of audio.
  • Bandwidth usage.

Online moderation tool guide:

We have made this guide for your convenience to help you to choose an online moderation tool to suit your needs:
Coming soon

Online moderation example:

To give you an example of how an online moderation might look we recorded a simulated role play moderation using different platforms:
Currently working on videos produced in Lync, Skype, WizIQ and Blackboard Collaborate. More videos to be added soon

Signing the Moderation Summary

Digital signatures can be applied to the Moderation Summary. This tutorial demonstrates the process of creating a digital identity and signing the Moderation Summary using Adobe Reader XI.