We acknowledge the expansive work previously carried out by the Pre-Accredited Quality Framework Project and are pleased to be able to link to and share with you the wonderful resources presented below. If you would like further information and resources around the Pre-Accredited Quality Framework visit their wiki : http://pqf.acfe.vic.edu.au/Home


The Pre-accredited Quality Framework (PQF) kit

The Pre-accredited Quality Framework (PQF) kit was developed by CAE and brings
together the new quality assurance process for pre-accredited programs (the Moderation Guide),
a reviewed A-frame, and support resources.

How was it developed?
Focus groups of Learn Local organisations, consultation with regional office staff and workshops.

The Moderation Guide
Developed through a project carried out by Coonara Community House in consultation with
stakeholders and introduced in professional development workshops. Through the PQF project
Coonara reviewed and updated the version introduced in the workshops.

The A-frame
Reviewed via focus groups, consultation with regional office staff and feedback from PD workshops.
Below are downloadable copies of the various documents in the kit.

The kit will be distributed via the statewide professional development program.
If you would like to obtain at kit, please contact Josie Rose on 9752-0710 or email josie.rose@cae.edu.au

Below is a full list of all the downloadable documents including the editable proformas.
Background to kit development and explanation of aims and components
external image pdf.pngPQF_overview_2013_1.pdf
Background and documentation for the use of the key pre-accredited course planning tools.
external image pdf.pngPQF_Aframe_2013_1.pdf
Course plan - editable files
  1. Overview
  2. Session Plan new, simplified and updated session planner
  3. Course Evaluation
external image msword.pngPQF_Aframe_Courseplan_overview.doc

external image msword.pngNew_A-frame_courseplan_part2.doc

external image msword.pngPQF_Aframe_Courseplan_part3.doc
Learner Plan - editable files
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
external image msword.pngPQF_Aframe_Learnerplan_part1.doc

external image msword.pngPQF_Aframe_Learnerplan_part2.doc
Planning guide
An overview/summary of pre-accredited and the A-frame for new managers/ program planners.
external image pdf.pngPQF_planning_2013_1.pdf
Teaching Guide
Ideas and strategies for teachers delivering A-frame courses.
external image pdf.pngPQF_teaching_2013_1.pdf
Moderation Guide
A guide to the processes and documentation for moderation and verification.
external image pdf.pngPQF_moderation_2013_1.pdf
Moderation proformas: editabe PDF format
  • A: moderation checklist
  • B: Moderation Tool
  • C: Moderation Summary
  • D: Verification self-assessment and declaration
external image pdf.pngPQF_moderation_form_A_editable.pdf

external image pdf.pngPQF_moderation_form_B_editable.pdf

external image pdf.pngPQF_moderation_form_C_editable.pdf

external image pdf.pngPQF_moderation_form_D_editable.pdf
Induction Guide
A model for introducing the PQF.
  • PowerPoint presentation to support small group induction programs
  • Sample action plan
external image pdf.pngPQF_induction_2013_1.pdf

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation.pngPQF small group induction session.pptx

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.pngYour action plan.docx
Case studies
Examples of pre-accredited courses
external image pdf.pngPQF_casestudies_2013_1.pdf
Key terms defined
external image pdf.pngPQF_glossary_2013_1.pdf