Here are some tools, tips and resources you could use when completing Learner Plan Part 1 with learners.back.png

Employability Skills

Learner Guide to Employability Skills

This is an online guide to employability skills. It contains information and activities to help learners to understand and assess existing employability skills. It is written in plain English supported by audio. It was developed by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) in 2007.

Find out what you are really good at

An online self-assessment tool which helps learners identify existing skills.

This Slide Show provides an explanation and introduction to Employability Skills and can be shown in the classroom or embedded into a web site for self-directed learning.

You can download the slide show here. It has been created using MS Office Power Point 2013. You are free to edit and use this slide show with no restrictions. Suggested learning activities can be accessed in the Notes View. if you need the slide show saved to MS Office 2003, contact details are available on the Home page.

Learner Pamphlet

Learning Styles

There are many approaches you could take when discussing learning styles with learners.

There is a large range of short videos available on You Tube that could be used to introduce learning styles to different learner groups.

This video, for example, looks at six different learning styles and could be shown to introduce the concept of learning styles and as a precursor to a group discussion or activity. It could be embedded into a web page for self-directed learning.

Learning Style Quiz

Online Learning Style Quiz
There are many free online learning style quizzes available. Here are some examples:

Education Planner-What's your learning style

Memeletics Learning Style Quiz

You will need to create a group username and password for the Memeletics test or learners can create their own to access the results of this test.

Linkup Employability Skills
This self-assessment quiz will help learners identify their preferred learning style and links the different learning styles to employability skills.

Interviewing Learners with an intellectual disability

This video was created with funding from Learn Local. Film production was by Challenge Multimedia: a Yooralla enterprise that supports people with disability and all parts were played by students and staff of Yooralla Adult Education.

The video demonstrates an interview with a young person with intellectual disability and how to elicit information in a non-threatening manner. You can watch the video, test your knowledge and access written tips for pre-course interviewing here: Pre-Course Interviewing